Sunday, 25 April 2010

April's 11second club

Voice One: "I'm not protecting anybody but myself."
Voice Two: "Now Mary, we're trying to help you."
Voice One: "I'm doing all right!"
Voice Two: "For how long? Now, we're trying to help people like you. But there's nothing we can do unless you're willing to help yourself.

This months dialogue is an intense piece, a lot of anger and confusion comes to mind when i listen to the recording, and any one who understands acting will agree with me when i say ANGER AND CONFUSION are the best emotional acting choices. you get so much strength in a dialogue like this. its a shame i couldn't enter. but definitely next month, lets just hope its going to have the same strength as this months. CHECK IT OUT


  1. you should still create a piece

  2. Absolutely, kenneth ghann doesnt give up that easyyy. ive downloaded the clip. so in my spare time i can get something done