Friday, 28 January 2011


I saw a film today that not only wet my pants but my eyes. TANGLED is the new disney feature film, and a feature not to be missed.
With a spring in its step and a song in its heart, Tangled is undoubtedly one of Disney's most enjoyable movies in years. i waited years for this films release and well... patience is golden. Tangled is a must see. TRUST ME YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED.


  1. I think i prefer princess and the frog still from disneys most recent work. Some funny animation and great characters in tangled but the songs were weak i dont remember them and im a sucker for hand drawn animation.

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I myself would have loved to have seen that in 2d. The kind of 2d we saw in enchanted. But i still think it was one of the best disney films ever. Certainly one of my favorites. The animation was fantastic, the character designs were superb, and the story line was just wonderful. All together a great film.