Friday, 30 September 2011

Ken3000 is going CG...

Well the inevitable has happened... it was only a matter of time. I've been forced to learn CG due to lack of 2d jobs out there. 2D STILL ROCKS, AND IT SHALL MAKE A COMEBACK!!!

But in the mean time any help is welcomed... thanks :)


  1. Start with the basic exercises. If you have been animating in 2d for awhile a ball bounce should be easy to animate. But it is good to do it again in cg for a couple of reasons. 1. to get used to the tools and to understand the basic layout of maya and how the graph editor works. 2. To get used to timing on 1's. I am sure you are aware that cg is done on 1's exclusively and the thinking that goes on when animating on 2's wont directly translate over to 1's. So start small and work your way up is my suggestion.

  2. hey AFP, yeah I've done the bouncing ball section of this journey and as much as i hate to admit it, I'm actually loving CG, it's so much easier. I was wondering if you knew any cool tutorials on facial expressions, i find my self stuck on moving norman's eyebrows?

    cheers bud.

  3. Couldn't think of any better source of information. If these people can't help you then....

  4. Aw dude! I know how much you love 2D but its great to see your trying out CG too! You can still treat it as 2D though, throw in a camera, lock it off and work your poses and animation to work for just the camera! Treat it like a canvas as you would for 2D :D! But of course if your aiming for game animations then you should make it work for all angles! Keep it simple to begin with :) Looking forward to seeing your progress!