Sunday, 22 November 2009

Super monkey team hyper force, Kens Awesome!

Yes i know i suck at comimng up with names, but here's a test i did from the 11 second club. A little down that i didn't come around 30th place or something but happy i didnt come last... well you know what they say, when you fall flat on your face... you find a ham sandwich with hot sauce. I WILL KEEP ON TRYING!!


  1. Im not sure exactly, the 11 second club dug it up from some film, i just animated to it. im liking the Ken face!

  2. NICE!!! Im so jelouse >_< I really want to have a go at traditional animation again but I havn't the equipment or the time *sigh*
    What you've done on this looks awesome. Cant wait to see your film in the glammies this year hmmmmmm ;P

  3. that was pretty awesome, how long did it take to do? :0

    been meaning to do something for 11 second club..although i should probably wait until after we do the lip sync project ^^;

  4. No chirs, the mistake is always waiting for some to be handed to you, it doesnt work that way. if you want something go and get it first. just enter one you learn so much.