Monday, 23 November 2009

Why i hate kids?

What is with kids today? At the unwanting risk of sounding like an old man, YOU KIDS SUCK! You brats have everything you want at your fingertips and more. For example mobile phones at the age of 5 (what's up with that!). I woke up today went to the local church with the mind set that i was going to have a very good and spiritual service, little did i know that the demon child would be there. Half way through the service the kid sitting infront of me decides to wake up and scream for no reason at all (so childish! and demonic!), and to top it of he decideds to start running around in the church through all the seats (why isnt the mother whooping his ass!). parents are too easy on their kids these days, for goodness sake i could never act like that when i was a kid my mother would have slapped me into a different race. like she use to say "BOY! im gonna slap you into a different race"! Any way, the problem started when he ran through the isle that i was sitting in, he stands next to me and starts screaming, im there trying to get inner peace with God, and there's this demon child shouting in my face, finally the mother takes charge and picks him up only to reward the brat with sweets and a toy. WHAT! Kids suck and i blame the parents, STOP GIVING YOUR KIDS SOO MUCH LOVE! whoop them!


  1. yer dam str8 old school discpline bend him over your lap and smak that boy should be a regular exercise haha, this encounterwould make a gr8 short for a side project ken

  2. why do parents spoil the kids?! they only make their kids suck n themselves sucking too!!!